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Welcome to iMobie PhoneClean Pro

Experience unparalleled device optimization and performance enhancement with iMobie PhoneClean Pro This cutting-edge software is designed to elevate your iOS device’s efficiency by securely cleaning up unnecessary files, managing storage space, and safeguarding your privacy. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive solution for device maintenance or aiming to reclaim valuable storage, PhoneClean Pro is the ultimate choice for iOS users.

With an intuitive interface and powerful features, PhoneClean Pro streamlines the optimization process, ensuring your device runs at its peak performance. Stay in control of your iOS experience, eliminate digital clutter, and enjoy a seamlessly responsive device with iMobie PhoneClean Pro

Key Features

1. Intelligent Junk File Cleanup

Effortlessly reclaim storage space by allowing PhoneClean Pro to intelligently identify and safely remove unnecessary junk files, temporary files, and caches from your iOS device.

2. Privacy Protection

Protect your sensitive data with PhoneClean Pro’s advanced privacy features, ensuring the secure deletion of personal information, call history, messages, and other private content, leaving no traces behind.

3. App Management

Efficiently manage your apps with features like batch uninstallation, app file cleanup, and the ability to selectively retain or remove app-related files, providing you with complete control over your device’s app ecosystem.

4. Photo Cleanup

Free up space in your photo library by letting PhoneClean Pro identify and help you manage duplicate photos, large files, and other unnecessary media, allowing you to optimize storage without compromising your precious memories.

5. Internet Cleanup

Ensure a clutter-free browsing experience by removing browser history, cookies, and other internet-related files, promoting enhanced privacy and a more responsive web experience on your iOS device.

6. System Cleanup

Optimize your device’s overall performance by letting PhoneClean Pro identify and eliminate redundant system files, outdated iOS updates, and other system-related clutter, resulting in a smoother and more efficient operation.

7. Flexible File Backup

Before performing any cleanup operation, take advantage of PhoneClean Pro’s file backup feature, allowing you to create a secure backup of important files, ensuring that no valuable data is lost during the optimization process.

8. Real-time Monitoring

Stay informed about your device’s storage status and performance in real-time with PhoneClean Pro’s monitoring feature, providing timely alerts and recommendations to keep your iOS device running at its best.

System Requirements

PhoneClean Pro is compatible with macOS 10.8 or later and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64 bit).

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