TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 18.0 Build 083 Full Crack Activated 2024

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TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 18.0 Build 083 is a powerful and efficient software solution designed to simplify the task of finding and managing duplicate files on your computer. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, this application is a must-have for users seeking to optimize storage space, enhance system performance, and organize their files seamlessly.

Equipped with advanced algorithms, TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 18.0 Build 083 identifies duplicate files with precision, allowing users to reclaim valuable disk space effortlessly. Whether you’re a professional managing large datasets or an everyday user concerned about clutter, this software provides a comprehensive solution to streamline your file management process.

Key Features

1. Intuitive User Interface

TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 18.0 Build 083 features a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use for both beginners and experienced users. Navigate through the application effortlessly and initiate scans with just a few clicks.

2. Accurate Duplicate Detection

Utilizing advanced algorithms, the software accurately identifies duplicate files, ensuring that no valuable data is overlooked. Scan your entire system or specific folders to pinpoint redundant files efficiently.

3. Flexible Search Options

Customize your search criteria with flexible options, including file types, sizes, and date ranges. Tailor the scan to your specific needs, allowing you to focus on the files that matter most.

4. Preview Duplicate Files

Before taking any action, preview duplicate files to verify content and ensure you are selecting the correct files for removal or management. This feature adds an extra layer of confidence to the file cleanup process.

5. File Management Options

TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 18.0 Build 083 offers various file management options, allowing you to move, delete, or archive duplicate files based on your preferences. Take control of your file organization and optimize storage space effortlessly.

6. Log Reports

Generate detailed log reports of your scans, providing insights into the duplicate files detected and actions taken. Keep track of your file management activities for future reference or auditing purposes.

7. Auto-Select and Auto-Mark

Benefit from time-saving features such as Auto-Select and Auto-Mark, which automatically choose duplicate files for you based on predefined criteria. Simplify the cleanup process and accelerate your file management tasks.

8. Compatibility

TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 18.0 Build 083 is compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate the software into their existing setups. Enjoy the benefits of efficient duplicate file management regardless of your system configuration.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


1 GHz or faster processor.


1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended).

Hard Disk Space:

50 MB of free hard disk space.

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