Tintguide Photo Montage Guide 2.2.12 Full Crack Activated 2024

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Welcome to Photo Montage Guide 2.2.12 by Tintguide

Unleash your creativity with Photo Montage Guide 2.2.12, a powerful software crafted by Tintguide for photo editing enthusiasts and professionals. This versatile application goes beyond traditional photo editing tools, offering unique features specifically designed for creating captivating photo montages. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or hobbyist, Photo Montage Guide 2.2.12 empowers you to seamlessly blend and composite images, opening up a world of possibilities for creating stunning visual compositions.

Photo Montage Guide2.2.12 excels in its intuitive interface that simplifies the intricate process of photo montage creation. The software provides a comprehensive set of tools, allowing users to remove unwanted elements, adjust lighting and color, and seamlessly integrate multiple images into a cohesive composition. With precision control over every detail, users can achieve professional-looking results effortlessly. From retouching portraits to crafting surreal landscapes, Photo Montage Guide 2.2.12 stands as an indispensable tool for those seeking to elevate their photo editing and montage creation skills to new heights.

Key Features of Photo Montage Guide 2.2.12:

1. Intelligent Object Extraction:

Effortlessly remove unwanted objects from photos with intelligent object extraction tools, preserving the natural flow of the image.

2. Seamless Image Blending:

Create smooth and natural-looking blends between multiple images, ensuring a seamless integration of elements in your photo montage projects.

3. Perspective and Size Adjustment:

Adjust perspectives and sizes of inserted objects with precision, maintaining realistic proportions and perspectives in your compositions.

4. Background Replacement:

Easily replace backgrounds with customizable options, allowing you to enhance the mood and aesthetics of your photos with just a few clicks.

5. Smart Cloning and Healing:

Remove imperfections and blemishes with smart cloning and healing tools, achieving flawless results in portrait retouching and image cleanup.

6. Text and Caption Integration:

Add text and captions to your montages with versatile text tools, enabling you to communicate messages or enhance storytelling within your compositions.

7. Color Correction and Grading:

Fine-tune colors and apply professional-grade color grading to achieve the desired mood and atmosphere in your photo montages.

8. Real-Time Preview:

Preview your edits in real-time, allowing you to see the immediate impact of changes and make informed decisions during the creative process.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


1 GHz or faster processor.


2 GB RAM or higher recommended.


100 MB of available hard disk space.


1024×768 screen resolution or higher.

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