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Welcome to Zentimo xStorage Manager, a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing external drives and USB devices. Designed for users who rely on external storage for data transfer, backup, and portable computing, Zentimo offers a suite of advanced features to enhance the performance and usability of your external drives. With an intuitive interface and robust functionality, Zentimo xStorage Manager provides a seamless experience in managing your external storage devices, offering tools to improve data integrity, speed up transfers, and streamline device ejection. Explore the next level of external drive management with Zentimo xStorage Manager and unleash the full potential of your external storage solutions.

Zentimo xStorage Manager stands out with its user-friendly approach to managing external drives, offering features such as drive letter management, device speed testing, and the ability to stop or safely remove devices with confidence. This software caters to professionals, creatives, and everyday users who depend on external drives for their workflow. Experience a new level of control and efficiency in handling your external storage devices, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience every time you connect or disconnect your USB drives with Zentimo xStorage Manager

Key Features

1. Drive Letter Management

Easily assign, change, or remove drive letters for your external devices, providing better organization and control over your connected drives.

2. Portable App Quick Launch

Create a quick launch menu for your portable applications stored on external drives, allowing you to access essential tools directly from the system tray.

3. Speed Test for External Drives

Conduct speed tests on your USB devices to assess their performance, ensuring you are aware of the data transfer speeds for optimal usage.

4. Device Safe Removal

Ensure data integrity with the ability to stop or safely remove external devices, minimizing the risk of data corruption during the ejection process.

5. Autorun Management

Control and manage autorun programs that launch when you connect external drives, improving system performance and minimizing unwanted applications.

6. Notifications and Alerts

Receive notifications and alerts about your external drives, including warnings about potential data loss, ensuring you stay informed and can take appropriate action.

7. Hotkeys for Ejecting Devices

Assign custom hotkeys for ejecting devices, streamlining the process and allowing for quick and convenient removal of external drives.

8. Customizable Device Icons

Personalize the icons associated with your external drives, making it easy to identify and differentiate between multiple connected devices for improved organization.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Zentimo xStorage Manager is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


A modern multi-core processor with at least 1 GHz is recommended for optimal performance.


At least 1 GB of RAM is required, with 2 GB or more recommended for smoother operation.


Ensure you have a minimum of 50 MB of free space for installation, with additional space for logs and configuration files.

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